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artificial lawn for garden

artificial lawn for garden

  • Model NO.: AAG-MSR40-4
  • FOB Price:USD 5.00-20.00
  • Min order:100
  • Accept Min order:Yes
  • Supply Ability:3000 / Day
  • Country of Origin:HUANGPU
  • Stock Time:Shipped in 15 days after payment Day
Product Description

artificial lawn for garden

1.paintball artificial lawn carpet
2.Affordable artificial lawn carpet
3.Tencate yarn garden artificial lawn
4.Four colors artificial lawn

Pile height:
Holland imported thiolon
Yarn count:
Size of each roll:
2m or 4m wide and 25m
3/8 Inch
Four colors
football field, garden, balcony

(1) Because of their unique sense of light velvet,it can improve 30%of the elasticity.
with high tenacity yarn of grass, when the foot is planted feel good flexibility.

(2) Straight mix curled PE technology, make the yarn covered each corner unit within the square meters, and carries the overall visual effect of green, makes the density looks more higher

(3)Colors derived from natural elements then develop double color straight yarn mix double color curled yarn, make it more realistic and high simulation looks better than natural effect.

Product Advantages

Note: There are eight features of artificial grasses:

1. all-whether: It is not affected by climate, improving the using efficiency of field.
2. evergreeness: after natural grasses entered into dormancy, artificial grasses can still bring you the feeling of spring.
3. environmental protection: materials are all environmental protected, and the surface of artificial grasses is recyclable.
4. simulation: the production of artificial grasses is based on the bionics principle, they are flexible and comfortable.
5. durability: durable, not easily fade, especially suitable for the use of frequency field.
6. economy: generally, it can be used more than five years.
7. exempt maintenance: basically, expect artificial damage, there is no maintenance cost.
8. easy construction: you can pave on pitch, cement and sand and any other field.

Company Profile

We are a listed company, maily products are artificial grass for landscape, football field and so on! we have our own factories, has been in this lines for more than 10 years, quality and customer service are the most important factors to make us won lots of reputations from our customers.

AAG Company Customer
Production & Packing

AAG Factory

---We have two factories in China, can supply the favourable price and arrange the high quality artificial grass to you in the short time!

Construction technol

How to install the landscaping artificial turf?

1. Excavate the lawn area removing grass and soil
2. Necessary drainage work to be performed
3. Grade and contour ground for the project
4. Landscape fabric is installed to prevent weed growth
5. Aggregate base is applied and leveled for the lawn surface
6. Border and final preparation
7. Turf layout
8. Turf is seamed and anchored
9. Infill and fibrillate to give the lawn a natural look
10. Final dress,clean up and inspection

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