Who will win the final of the Asian Cup of 2019, China VS Thailand?


According to news reports, the 2019 UAE Asian Cup group stage competition is all over, the top 16 teams have emerged. China is in the first half and will play Thailand in the 1/8 final. In the upper half of the same area with China, there are strong teams such as Iran, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

The top three teams gathered in the first half of the region, including Japan (4), Saudi Arabia (3), Iran (3). Whether China reached the 1/8 final or the 1/4 final is more difficult. But we do not need to be discouraged, just try our best. Aojian Artificial Lawn Industry Co., Ltd. has always supported our football development, especially in the construction of artificial turf football training ground or the development of turf. We have always supported the development of Chinese football and realized our Chinese dream and football dream together.