Why does infill material necessary for artificial grass 2 ?


To ensure proper drainage

Another important reason for maintaining the level of filling material is drainage.

Filling materials, including rubber chips and sand, contribute to drainage.

One of the main advantages of artificial turf is that, if properly maintained, it is a freely drained surface, which means that it will not be flooded. Obviously, one of the biggest problems with real grasslands is that, especially in autumn and winter, they can become swampy mud.

Of course, it will affect the quality of the game.

It won't be a synthetic asphalt problem, as long as you keep it at the top of the filling maintenance.

Regular scrubbing must be ensured to prevent Overcompaction of the filler, which affects surface permeability.

Why is it important to keep the filling material full on the 3G synthetic playground?

As part of routine maintenance procedures, drag brushes are strongly recommended to prevent this from happening.

Filling materials help to control the flow of water through the turf. If the water level is too low, the flow may be too fast, so it is also important to keep the filling materials full.