Why does infill material necessary for artificial grass 1 ?


To ensure the correct operation of the lawn.

In the early stage of sports -- back in 80s and 90s of last century, one of the biggest problems is to copy real grass and jumping performance

The original fake grass ball, the ball's behavior is not the same.

All this changed, however, with the introduction of rubber filler.

The rubber crumb perfectly imitating the real rolling grassland asphalt and bounce, the artificial turf has become a feasible and ideal choice of sports venues.

Therefore, a large part of the performance of synthetic turf asphalt due to rubber filler, so it is reasonable, if the filling material level is lower than it needs, play will be affected.

As part of a routine maintenance program, in each play 10 to 15 hours after the synthesis of 3G fork should be wiped gently. This ensures a consistent even playing surface.

Filling materials may not require such regular filling in the asphalt, but most likely synthesis of asphalt filling materials requires regular localization. Are rare and often recommended.

Some areas of the court, such as a ball, and an export fine, more likely to require additional filling material, because they will see most of the action in the game.

Of course, not all of the sports venues are in need of synthetic rubber filler. For example, the court does not need. But they need to fill with sand, is the same principle.

In order to make the surface properly implemented, sand filling must be at the right level.